WTF? Nasty Neighbor Attacks Nice Neighbor for Shoveling Snow Off His Sidewalk



Snow Rage 01Ohioan Will Immke (the cute guy above left) thought he was being a good neighbor by shoveling snow off his neighbor’s sidewalk so people could use the sidewalk. Instead of thanking his good neighbor for doing the strenuous work, the ungrateful neighbor, 69-year-old Larry Myers (in the hoodie above right), snapped and picked a fight, using a snow blower on Immke to make him stop.  Myers was arrested for on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Post by Eastlake Police.

Psychologists say snow rage incidents are erupting across America as the long miserable winter frays nerves:

Psychologist Dr. J. Ryan Fuller explained, “We’re becoming frustrated and annoyed and irritated with all the excessive having to shovel snow and having to scrap our cars. That can certainly put us at risk for becoming violent.”

“Brutal Northeast Winter Brings People to Their Knees”

Snow-crazed man tries to freeze his PENIS off due to SNOW RAGE madness affecting people in the Northeast!

Snow Rage-crazed man tries to freeze his PENIS and NUTS off due to the peculiar snow-madness affecting people living in the Northeast!

Digging Out Car

Frustrated show shovelers try to dig out their car.

Penis Snow Blower

PENIS Snow Blower!

Snow Rage Toon1

Snow Rage Toon2

Boston Snow Toon

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