White Person Says “Cop Deserves a Medal for Pulling Gun on Black Kids at Pool Party” (VIRAL VIDEO)

A WHITE Texas resident tells CNN she supports officer who responded to pool party and that Cpl. Eric Casebolt should not have been placed on leave at all. Residents interviewed are siding with the cops, saying this isn’t about racism — it’s about disrespect of the law.

Cop named “Officer of the Year” in 2008

But the cop involved in this was previously sued for racial bias and sexual assault of a male… “Casebolt pulled his pants down. Another officer, who is not named in the lawsuit, allegedly spread his legs while one of the officers shined a flashlight in his anus.”

“I don’t believe he was out of line one bit,” she insisted. “Those kids were taunting them and cursing them out, have no respect for authority and as soon as their parents got here, they didn’t even care one bit about how they were treating the officers and why they got into that situation.”

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