Welcome, 2015

THIS is Celebrated on New Year’s Day!

Holy Prepuce

December 25 celebrates the birth of Baby Jesus…
January 1 celebrates the circumcision of his dick!

almighty_penisNew Year’s Day marks the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, a celebration of the circumcision of Jesus’ penis in accordance with Jewish tradition in which a huge feast is had over the Holy penile circumcision that occurred 8 days after the birth of Baby Jesus.  In cities worldwide people will enjoy huge feast buffets in honor of the cutting off of Jesus’ penis foreskin (referred to as “The Holy Prepuce”)!  A celebration we knew nothing about!

See how the almighty penis is so prominent in our society?  Not only do we see the phallic symbol used constantly in today’s advertising media to compel people to buy things, but there is an actual holiday to celebrate the removal of penile foreskin from the son of God’s DICK!


So we wonder: since we erect a Christmas Tree in our homes in celebration of Jesus’ birth on December 25, why doesn’t the world erect a huge penis in their homes on January 1 in remembrance of his circumcision?

[See article: “Botched Circumcision Horror Stories” for further information on this practice AND read “Foreskin Man” comics. :-) ]

Surgeon with scalpel

Foreskin Man

Aside from the WEIRD PENIS ASPECT of this historical date of 1/1/2015, scientifically, New Year’s Eve marks the end of the Earth’s 365-day orbit around the sun, while New Year’s Day marks the first day of the Earth’s restarting its long orbit around the sun once again!  As the weeks and months pass, daylight and weather will be affected by the Earth’s circling of the sun.  The cold will turn to heat and then back to cold — all due to its movement around that flaring star at the center of our solar system in outer space.  Oh the wonder of science!

crystal_ballWho knows what good and terrible things will happen in this new year?  Gun nuts going on mass shootings?  Terrorist attacks? Celebrity pregnancies?  Evil countries plotting and scheming against America???  Certainly no one on Earth can predict such vile things to come, but let us hope this new year will bring a little less violence, hate and evil across its vast surface.  Yeah, wishful thinking, isn’t it?  Certainly the turning of the calendar to a new month and year does not suddenly wipe out what was —  like wiping out a computer’s hard drive to start off fresh.  All we can hope to expect is that somehow, with the passage of time into this new time zone in history, that the attitudes of human beings inhabiting this small world located in the remote outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy begin to change for a better tomorrow in this, the midpoint of the second decade of the twenty-first century.

To start this new year off with the hope of a better tomorrow in mind, let us hear a great song written and sang by “Mama Cass Elliot,” a singer from a long ago era that was fraught with similar troubles to that of today, entitled “New World Coming.”  Mama Cass Elliot suddenly died in her sleep at age 32 in 1974 from a heart attack.

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