VIRAL VIDEO: Fight at Reno Arch Sign


Lena Conway, 28, was charged with obstructing and resisting an officer and possession of a dangerous weapon, police said, after she was tasered and landed flat on her ass.


Video has surfaced on YouTube entitled, “Big girl gets tased by cop!!! BAD!” Joshua+Aguilarshowing a fight near the Reno Arch on Saturday night in downtown Reno, Nevada.  When two police officers arrived, they found between eight and 10 people fighting.  When a cop used a baton on the person in red, an angry heavyset woman holding a weapon in her hand approached the officer and was promptly tasered.  Read Facebook comments about the woman who was tasered and fell.  Reno police say “justifiable force” was used.

Watch her suddenly go stiff and fall flat on her back.


Reno's fabulous, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility.

Reno’s fabulous, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility.  Isn’t it the bomb?

ApeshitMob of 10 morons from out of town fighting under the neon lights of the famous Reno Arch sign makes me sick, disrespecting fun city Reno with that sort of bullshit. We’re a party town and the cops won’t fuck with you unless it’s deserved. What makes matters worse is all the taxpayer money spent processing them at our fabulous, ultra-modern jail facility, where they receive their photo op (modern color photos even), providing them with a lovely, clean, freezing cold air-conditioned jail cell replete with running water AND a modern stainless steel toilet! Not to forget our delicious, accommodating jailhouse food: piping hot mush in the morning with bitter, black coffee, a cheese or bologna sandwich for lunch and a scrumptious hot supper, served À la carte. You get three squares a day with a 10-minute break to do your walking exercise in the jail guard yard. Utter luxury for out-of-towners — and at night you get to look at TV for 20 minutes! Wow!

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