VIDEO: Man Can’t Leave Slot Machine, So He Takes a Crap on the Floor

A man’s gambling addiction is so bad he couldn’t even leave the slot machine to use the restroom as this surveillance video shows.

ALSO: Roommate Fills Pastry with His Shit, Cooks it, Eats it and gets evicted. Weird people in the U.K. as well as in Florida!

‘He was leaving one day and there was an awful smell in the kitchen so I went in and checked it out.

‘I checked in the bin and I opened the oven because he had put some food in there and you could see a pasty filled with poo. I was horrified. I just puked up. I was heaving.’

When she questioned what he was cooking, he said it was his ‘magic sauce’. She said: ‘It was definitely poo. He took it out and he ate it.

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