Using the Confederate Flag Controversy to Race-Bait Viewers


Shut-UpNews media, in particular CNN and FOX News, seems to be race-baiting over the whole confederate flag bullshit.  Idea: let’s CREATE NEWS instead of reporting it!  Day after day the irritating talking heads are constantly harping about race, giving airplay to crazy white supremacists and irate street people, getting into shouting-matches between guests on the subject… firing up viewers to march and protest, inciting the NUTS of society to destroy — all the while the news trucks are camped out just waiting for some action to start to attract viewers.  CNN host Don Lemon tweets about the offensive N-Word and the confederate flag, asking “does this offend you?”  Then Pres. Obama says the N-Word one time to make a point during an interview and they all go feral, like kicking a bee hive, making a big fucking deal over nothing.  And another dimwit writes a piece saying the classic film about the south and Civil War, “Gone with the Wind” should be banned with the confederate flag.

It’s like they WANT to incite people to turn on each other.


Look at that fucked up shit. Nope, it’s NOT Photoshopped. Come on, man. We’re all sick and tired of the race card bullshit after over a year’s worth of never-ending, racially-fueled riot coverage in Ferguson, Missouri up to Baltimore, Maryland.  And now, because of some psychopath racist on the loose with a gun that should never have been given to him, we have all this dissension over a flag from the Civil War era!  WTF?  The Civil War ended 150 years ago.  The war was about the white supremacist south wanting to keep their slaves, while the north wanted all slavery abolished.  So the southern states fought a war with the northern states — Americans fighting EACH OTHER — millions losing their lives.  The whole thing was resolved the right way, with slavery abolished, but with President Lincoln having his brains shot out for doing the right thing. America’s founding fathers wrote: “America, the Land of the Free,” yet states kept slaves for nearly 100 years after the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written. It wasn’t the “land of the free” at all and Lincoln recognized that. And today, when someone bears the confederate flag, yes it IS offensive. It signifies the desire for slavery and white supremacy.

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