Today’s Supreme Court Victory for Gay Marriage Equality Has the Ugly Bigots Busting Their Hemorrhoids in Anger

Rainbow White House

Justice ServedAside from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church known as “God Hates Fags,” Bryan Fischer, one of the most virulent Christian spewers of anti-gay hate speech, has been tweeting his rhetoric as the government makes gay marriage law in all states (see below) — after DECADES of protests, parades, and legal action.  There’s a lot more out of the mouths of other hate mongers such as he — from anti-gay Republican presidential candidates, such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump to name a few.  As we’ve advised you before, right now pay careful attention to what these GOP candidates say, denouncing the gay marriage ruling, an issue of equal rights for all Americans — when you cast your vote on election day in 2016.  Do you want a redneck hater in the White House making wrong and illogical decisions for you?  Will you support someone who ignores the laws of the United States’ Bill of Rights and Constitution, the very foundation of our civilized society?  Yes, pay close and careful attention!

“I saw Satan dancing with delight.”

He Saw Satan Dancing

Article: Bryan Fischer Compares Gay Marriage Ruling To 9/11, Slavery, Pearl Harbor, & Sodom And Gomorrah

“Today, June 26, 2015, is a date which will live in infamy,” Fischer added. “On this day, the United States became Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Look at this fucken crackpot anti-gay hate group leader Brian Brown crying like a spoiled child in a fetal position in his church pew over the Court’s ruling today.  Dude, there’s no room for dinosaurs in our new society of the 21st century.  Times are changing.  A social upheaval is taking place.  Either accept it or make yourself scarce like the dinosaurs did.


All Because of THIS!


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