The SLOBS of Life: Is There No Shame?

Holy BibleLet us get out our bibles and place our hands on them asking the almighty for forgiveness for looking at slobs committing brazen indecent acts.  You are instructed to place your Holy bible under your computer’s mouse as you move it on your Internet computer screen thingy so that the palm of thy hand is touching the bible to protect you from Satan’s demonic sin as you witness the DEGRADING FILTH that follows.  Amen, sinners.


The son of a couple who were filmed having intercourse in their car shares his conception photo. We wonder if the mother has learned to shave her legs since 1995.


We realize there are people who have a fetish for urine, who enjoy being urinated on, etc. But to drink the filthy, likely DISEASED piss of a public urinal is stretching the fetish too far. I hope nobody kissed this sick fuck after he had this drinky-poo at the club.  After this foul act the guy was heard in the bar saying: “Alchohol in my drink kills all germs.”

Filthy Pee Drinker

Look at these two slobs. While his wife is inside, the cheating husband — who has a fetish for having anal sex with men — met his friend at the front door of his home in the suburbs and had anal sex with him right in front of the house on his wife’s new car for all the neighbors to see.  After his seed was implanted in his butt buddy, the man went back into his home where his wife greeted him with a bowl of popcorn for the two to enjoy while watching a movie on NetFlix.  Little did she know her husband’s dirty dick was coated with the germs of some guy’s ass he’d just plowed moments before.

Is There No Shame

Gay couple felt the need to share their intimate sex photos: one is extremely OBESE, while his partner is of average weight.  The obese guy is a “gainer” — someone who intentionally gets fat!  Gaining is a new fetish.  Gainers proudly boast of their weight increase by posting photos of themselves online starting out as thin and progressing to intended obesity.  Yeah, it’s for real.

Being in love is fine, but it’s unnecessary to express it when repairing a high voltage power line! GET A ROOM!

Time and a Place to Be Gay Damn It

URINAL ACROBATICS. This guy has a weird problem: he can’t pee unless he’s doing it upside down.

Urinal Acrobatics

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