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Jungle Native’s Nasty Dance to Trees Makes Women Viewers Suddenly Horny

“The most disturbing thing I have ever watched,” wrote one viewer. Crazy-eyed native does erotic hump dance to banana trees: twerking, lewdly thrusting at and rubbing trees with his penis, and displays athletic stripper club pole-dance moves that shock and awe those who watch this dance of filth.   Another twisted delight from Facebook. Post by […]

Evil Witchcraft Party in Spain Includes Spraying Crowd with Sperm from Giant Satanic Penis (VIDEO)

A party of witchcraft, devils, fire and sex called El Aquelarre (the Coven) was celebrated Saturday night at Cervera in Spain’s Catalonia. At the height of the party when invocations are made, Satan in the form of a macho goat with a giant prosthetic penis hosed the audience with ‘Satan’s sperm.’ The occult festival attracted […]

Stay Classy, America

A charming recital… but WTF is it, a boy or a girl?

Trouble with Slob Neighbors

Turf war issues result in creative landscaping vulgarity by slobs. On the subject of SLOBS, lets advertise we like doing it in the pooper on our car. Christ, some people are such fucking morons.

Bromo Frat Guy Bisexual (ADULTS ONLY)

A dirty nasty Tumblr page (NSFW, ADULT) with lewd pictures of straight/bisexual fraternity guys features desperate ads (like the one below) begging for vile sexual acts that only prostitutes are known to perform, not saintly God-fearing Catholic wives or girlfriends. Remember: church-goers are NOT to engage in ANY form of oral or anal sex — […]

DISGUSTING White Girls Calling Black Guys “Niggas” (ADULT, NSFW)

Cringe-worthy crap link of the month: A compilation video of porn whores in interracial sex videos using the n-word on their black lovers. Really FILTHY and NASTY disgusting RACIST SWILL from the SLIMY PORN PRODUCERS. Yeah, certain scary freaks actually fap to this shit. SUPER SICK: You might also want to see girls play in […]

Cop Yells Obscene Sex Slur at Vendor (VIRAL VIDEO)

Obscene Cop Shouts: “Blow me, bitch! Blow me!” A New York cop is filmed cursing out a street vendor with sexual slurs, which has since become a viral sensation on the Internet.  Story here.

FILTH! Geyser of Black Sewage Came Out of Toilet (VIDEO)

Irate homeowner blames sewer workers’ foul-up for an explosion of disgusting raw sewage erupting from his toilet flooding his home with evil black raw cesspool swill. IT’S BLACK AND IT STINKS!

“That Woman’s Pussy Was All Over The Place”

A STAR IS BORN! Miley Cyrus, raunchy, immoral daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” mullet-coiffed cuntry singer Billy Ray Cyrus, performed an embarrassing nasty devil dance with Robin Thicke (whoever he is) in a televised peep show dance that has raised her to what is being called “Queen of Obscene” star status in HollyWeird. First, Miss […]

More Section 8 Housing Damage Videos

Filth left by low-income tenants on Section 8 properties is shown.