Summer Warm Weather Causes Germs to Multiply in Your Kitchen

germWarm weather causes the microbes present on your kitchen stuff to grow exponentially. For example, the stench of trash in your kitchen during 90-degree weather is caused by the germs.  That’s why you must empty the trash daily to avoid breathing AIRBORNE INFECTIOUS germs!  CloroxIf your kitchen is not properly disinfected everything you touch is a raging mass of INFECTIOUS multiplying germs (syphilis, candida, gonorrhea) that can sicken you after touching the surfaces crawling with them while preparing your grub. You need to recognize the virtues of Clorox bleach which kills infectious surface germs. Just mix two caps of bleach in your sink basin with hot, soapy water. Saturate your cloth with the hot sudsy bleach water and wipe down your salt & pepper shakers, cooking oil bottles, spice bottles, cupboards, refrigerator door handles, stove knobs, etc. Every place you touch with the BLEACH CLOTH is a place your fingers usually touch.

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Drink Bleach Life Hack Meme

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