SCARY New HIV Strain Appears; Turns Into Full-Blown AIDS in Only Three Years

“CRF19 infects so quickly that patients may not realize they’re sick until it’s too late for anti-retroviral therapy to help,” Science Times reports.

parasiteA fierce new strain of HIV called “CRF19″ has been discovered, according to CBS News. Researchers say the new HIV is a combination of strains that more quickly invades cells and turns into full-blown AIDS in a short time.  BIOHAZARDThis strain is more dangerous because it’s better at grabbing onto human cells and eventually entering them. Typical HIV holds onto cells at one anchor point and advances to another as the virus progresses, giving the patient a few healthy years.  The worry is that because CRF19 is rapid, there aren’t any retro-viral drugs around to fight it, making it LETHAL to the victim.

SCARY:  “Having unprotected sex with multiple partners can expose a person to numerous strains of the HIV virus. Research has found that when this occurs, the different strains can combine and form a new variant of the virus.”  Continue Reading…

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