Prison Worker Tells Husband She Didn’t Have Sex with Big-Dicked Escaped Murderer

Tillie Didn’t Take Matt’s Big One!

Husband Says Tillie Didnt Do It

Penis-Freaks2It appears, by ALL their articles, Gawker is FIXATED on escaped murderer Richard Matt’s huge penis.

GAWKER writes:  “The husband of Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping two convicts escape prison earlier this month, said his wife did not have sex with the allegedly big-dicked murderer Richard Matt. Lyle Mitchell (with teef pictured above) told Matt Lauer in an interview on TODAY this morning that his wife claims Matt (the murderer, not Lauer) tried to kiss her “a couple times” but that’s all.  Sure buddy.”

See another Gawker article: “Search for Escaped Murderer With Huge Dick Extends Into Vermont“

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