The “Pineapple Express” Storm of the Decade is Mother Nature’s Christmas Gift to the Drought!

LOOK AT ALL THE SNOW! Radar image shows fresh snow (light blue) all over the drought-stricken Sierra Nevada mountain range! Fantastic! All from yesterday’s “Pineapple Express” storm — Mother Nature’s Christmas present to dry California and the High Sierras! People in drought-stricken California have been praying for rain as rivers, lakes and reservoirs have dried up — leaving many rationing water in rural areas. Now the rains have come and some Californians are bitching and cursing the storm for dumping “too much water” on them! “This is an inconvenience,” ranted one person. WTF?


Look at the angry waves of the country’s largest lake — Lake Tahoe! Huge waves brought SURFERS out (video)!


“STORM OF THE DECADE” — Now the storm has turned southward and is drenching southern California as the live radar image below shows. The whole state will be then soaked with fresh water. Definitely a huge gift by nature.  See “Worst California Storm in Years Takes Aim at Los Angeles and San Diego.”


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