Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex and Bestiality

Pat Robertson warns gay people will force you to embrace anal sex, endorse sex with dogs.

Submit to Anal Sex, Christian! Like it, LIKE IT!

Pat's fantasy of gays forcing Christians to love anal sex.

Pat’s fantasy of evil gays forcing Christians to like anal sex.

‘Satan Dancing With Delight': The Religious Right Reacts To The Legalization Of Gay Marriage


And to think she could have become the Vice President on the McCain ticket back in 2008.

Here are the four Supreme Court judges who voted against legal gay marriage: John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito.

Supreme Court Judges Who Do Not Want Equal Rights for Gay People

Alito-Scalia-Thomas-Roberts-Rejected Gay Marriage

Presidential candidate Huckabee says Christians are expected to do ‘civil disobedience’ in response to gay marriage.

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