Paranoid Films National Guard Troops Marching Through Neighborhood, Incites Martial Law Fear

Armed troops march through street in Ontario, scaring paranoid residents.Hiding in fear behind his motorcycle to conceal his filming of armed National Guardsmen performing a simple training march through his So-Cal neighborhood, a paranoid — with a fear of martial law and suspicion of the government overall — couldn’t wait to upload the video online for his conspiracy theorist friends to use to incite fear.  Why, he was so excited as he filmed his contribution he nearly pissed his pants, dreaming of all the attention he’d get from his video… oh, the THRILL of it all!  Maybe he’d get the attention of esteemed ring leader Alex Jones himself!

But why be afraid of our National Guard? National_Guard_emblem1Wouldn’t YOU like the idea of having the National Guard troops nearby to keep you safe from harm should there be some sort of disaster? Of course you would! Just look at all those GUNS! Oh Hell yeah! Any normal person would feel comforted knowing those armed troops are standing by, ready to DEFEND and PROTECT citizens at a moment’s notice! Right? Right.

Paranoid conspiracy theories about martial law are swirling online reinforced by paranoid conspiracy theorists since video of a simple National Guard training march through streets of Ontario, California took place last Saturday, hit the web.

“I believe that they’re slowly but surely making their way into martial law,” Ontario resident Vicente Martinez said. “They’re trying to fool us by telling us it’s a training and then when it actually does take place and actually does happen, there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it.”


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