Restaurant Emergency Caller Tells 911: “Police Are NOT Allowed Here”

The owner of a restaurant who describes himself as a homeless advocate and anarchist called 911 for help with someone having a heroin overdose in his restaurant bathroom and told 911 not to send the police because they were not needed — but Emergency Medical Techs (EMT) were.

“Definitely the EMTs and the ambulance driver could’ve handled it,” Langley said. “I kind of feel like I don’t know what they were doing there except maybe waiting to see if they could bust the person on something, and I’m not down with that.”

Family Feud: Gilligan’s Island vs. Lost in Space and Lost In Space High-Def Blu-Ray Restoration Project

Cult TVComplete classic “Family Feud” game show episode from 1973 reuniting cast members of two iconic TV shows, “Lost in Space” and “Gilligan’s Island.” Not all the cast members present, but good enough. Fun, enjoyable classic TV nostalgia with Richard Dawson as host.

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Gun Crazed Ex-Police Chief Gets Reality TV Deal

Chief Kessler's t-shirt from his YouTube video.

Chief Kessler’s t-shirt from his YouTube video.

Fired police chief who threatened people with his YouTube gun nut videos some months ago, returns to threaten everyone who hates him with his gun.

Naturally, he got offered a reality TV series. So look for this angry guy on your TV, where he will be paid millions by sicko ratings-hungry reality TV networs.

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Former Police Chief Threatens:
“You WILL fuckin’ see my face again, you cocksuckers!”

Barnes & Noble, The Last Bookstore, To Close By New Year’s Eve



First, Borders Books went bankrupt and now the best bookstore ever, Barnes & Noble, which has been around since 1886, will close down by year-end, forcing the few remaining educated book readers left in the world to buy online.   WTF?  Some people like to peruse the books first before buying.  You can’t do that online.  Plus, browsing through Barnes’ thousands of books on the floor is fun, especially at Christmas when they lay out all kinds of fun books that make great presents.  What a great loss for those who still read.  Disgusting.  Everything fucking sucks anymore!

I Hate Thinking

From the article, here are the five (5) reasons for the death of Barnes & Noble (see Wiki for details on this fabulous company):

So why is B&N on the ropes if it has virtually no competition today from chains or privately owned bookstores?

Five reasons.

  • First, Amazon makes it so easy to buy books.
  • Second, publishers thrashed B&N by selling best-sellers at deep discounts in non-traditional outlets such as supermarkets, Wal-Mart and Costco, thus removing a key source of revenue for the chain.
  • Third, the woefully underfunded Nook is competing with Amazon’s Kindle, which is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
  • Fourth, the antiquated model of printing books on spec, putting them on trucks, and crossing your fingers that they’ll sell doesn’t work in the internet print-on-demand era.
  • And fifth, book buyers want decent customer service. At B&N these days, the only way to find a sales clerk is to attempt to shoplift.