“Mysterious Phenomenon” as THOUSANDS of Crabs Wash Up on San Diego Beaches (VIDEO)

WHY are all these sea creatures DEAD?  WHAT killed them?

Crabs Wash Ashore

When the crabs are washed ashore, the result is certain death and nothing can be done to save them!  Scripps discourages from eating these crustaceans. Tuna crabs feed on phytoplankton, which sometimes contains toxins.


Crabs Wash Ashore2

In a mysterious “El Nino” phenomenon, thousands of orange- and red-colored tuna crabs are washing ashore on the beaches of San Diego, California. According to UT San Diego, these tuna crabs have been spotted from Sunset Cliffs to Ocean Beach to Scripps Pier. Reports have also confirmed the presence of these tuna crabs on Santa Catalina Island, according to an ABC News report. While tuna crabs have been spotted on the island since last year, this is the first time that they have washed up on San Diego’s beaches in such large numbers. Meanwhile, there are reports about the possibility that the phenomenon could be caused by a mysterious blob of warm water spotted off the West Coast and Mexico, in the Pacific Ocean.

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