JUST IN TIME FOR THE OSCARS: Artist Erects Cocaine-Snorting Oscar™ Statue in Drug-Laden Hollywood

Before reading, keep in mind that this druggy statue is the view and opinion of a street artist, not ours! Far be it for us to suggest Hollywood celebrities nominated for the coveted Oscar™ award are fiendish, drug-snorting junkies! Now read on for the exciting goods, dear reader of cringe-worthy news!

Oscars™ statue hunched over snorting lines of cocaine!

Oscar™ statue hunched over snorting lines of cocaine defines Hollywood, according to street artist named “Plastic Jesus”!

Dope Fiend Oscar Statue2

HollyweirdThis charming artistic creation is by a Los Angeles street artist named Plastic Jesus.  He installed the dope fiend Oscar™ at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles (next to Elvis Presley’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, no less) and was timed to appear just prior to the big Academy Awards ceremony on tomorrow (Sunday, February, 22, 2015).  The Tumblr site for “Plastic Jesus” says he was inspired by world celebrity news of the druggy goings-on of HollyWeird’s hiding, over-paid drug-fiend celebrities.

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