Joan Rivers Casket is Taken to Crematorium Today in NYC (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers Casket

Video: Joan Rivers’ casket carried to hearse in procession with family in New York City

Story: Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa and son Cooper say goodbye ahead of journey to crematorium.

Melissa Rivers and Cooper

The Secret Reason Insiders Believe Joan Could Have Survived Surgery

“Before undergoing a standard endoscopy on August 28, “Joan was given full medical clearance, including approval from her cardiologist,” an insider told Radar. “Apart from all of the cosmetic procedures Joan had had, she was in very good health for an 81-year-old woman. There was no indication from a medical standpoint that Joan should have suffered from any complications. It was a routine procedure that should have taken less than an hour, two hours in recovery, and then she would have gone home the same day.” [Keep Reading]

Joan Rivers spoke about her death: “Constantly. In your 80s, you’d be foolish not to think about that. I am definitely going to be cremated. I’ve left money so the dogs can be taken care of. I’ve said to Melissa, ‘Sell anything and everything you don’t want. Don’t feel beholden to my possessions.’ I feel almost hysterical on that. I don’t want them to have a sense of guilt.”  [Keep Reading]

Father’s Unforgettable Encounter with Joan Rivers on Flight

“My dad once sat next to her on a plane on his way home from a business trip. He noticed that he was sitting next to her as he walked up to his seat, and just decided to keep it cool and not make any deal of it.

Later on in the flight Joan awoke from a nap on the flight, and tapped my dad on the shoulder to tell him how thankful she was that he was respectful of her peace and quiet, and just wanted to be given her personal space. He of course told her it was no problem at all, and they proceeded to chat for the next 30 minutes or so as they approached the airport.

Before leaving, as they were about to stand up, Joan pulled out a pair of beautiful jeweled earrings and told my dad to give them to his wife (momma bear). He was beyond thankful for the gift, and she was more than fantastic as a person in general to him. May she Rest In Peace.”

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