It’s Like Living in HELL


Summertime Sun-TanningThe trackless wastelands of Nevada shrivel under the brunt of our flaring star. A hot, sweltering apartment at the peak of the day’s heat, the stench of rotting trash in the kitchen that needs to be taken out, the desert dust blowing in through the window, the panes of glass barely see-through with collected dirt on them, lethargic pets hiding in dark places refusing to socialize with humans, the crappy old air conditioner unit that only cools three feet of one room, the vile body odor coming from a man’s sweaty underarms when his cheap Speed Stick roll-on fails… but hey, it’s Summer! Yay! Vacation time! The Fourth of July! Swimming! Recreation! Time to get a SUN TAN!

Sunburn Addict

Vacation time! Time to spend $4,000.00 on a trip!

Delightful Retreat

What do you do when your ceiling fan goes out? Here’s a clever replacement!

Redneck Ceiling Fan

You’re so cheap you refuse to buy a sprinkler to water your dying lawn. What to do? Hook your hose up to a 2-litre coke bottle with holes poked in it!

Makeshift Lawn Sprinkler

Makeshift Lawn Sprinkler2

The EXTREME HEAT has an effect on people’s brains. They malfunction. They do wild and crazy things.

“I love the smell of carbon monoxide!”

Smoke Sniff Fetish

You Ate My Enchilada

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