Images from Marilyn Monroe’s Last Photo Shoot to Be Auctioned

Marilyn Monroe July 1962 -00Photographer George Barris’ photos of the late 1950’s sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, taken in late July 1962 — two weeks before her mysterious August 5, 1962 death — will be auctioned off.  What a lovely female she was, but she was tormented by memories of rotten people who abused her in Hollywood — that caused the poor thing to have psychological problems and depression, reaching for pills to forget, like an alcoholic reaches for the bottle.  A crime what happened to her.  Click the images below for full size.

Here’s what she looked like in the 1940s (images below) when she was Norma Jean Baker — before she changed her name to “Marilyn Monroe” — a young model in sleazy Los Angeles. Her first full-starring role movie (not a bit part) was a late 1940s Columbia cheapie B-movie called “Ladies of the Chorus“ (clip below) Her last movie was called “Something’s Got to Give” — unfinished due to her death, but was reshot in 1963 with Doris Day and James Garner, retitled “Move Over Darling.” The same set was used for the reshoot.  The movie studio fired Monroe for being late and calling in sick on June 2, 1962 — a day after they gave her a birthday party on the movie set.  The studio was especially angry she made time to sing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy at his gala birthday party on May 19, 1962, skipping out on filming. On August 1, 1962 the movie studio rehired her with a higher salary and Marilyn signed the new contract to do two movies for them… three days before her mysterious death.

Here’s the full “Something’s Got to Give” movie edited together (37 minutes), with the studio’s surviving footage — unseen for over 50 years. Monroe’s famous nude swimming scene is 17 minutes in, which made magazine covers all over the world.

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