Groping for the Tucked Away Stinky Surprise

Penis-Freaks2Look at that nasty bitch.  She looks like she’s planning on taking a bite out of it.  She can’t even wait to get off the bus to the corner Motel Six to get at that funky pair in hair, let alone allow him to at least wash it off for her first.  Such uncivilized behavior on public transit!  I hope he got checked for STDs after he did Ms. Horror Movie Queen.

Nasty Bitch

Here’s another desperate dick slob. She’s got stinky sweaty dick funk on her hands from Mr. Creepy who look like he’s just seen Michael Jackson’s ghost. Christ, you’d think these guys were the only dicks on Earth to these desperate chicks. Yuck. Carry fricken hand disinfectant in your purses with your weed, pills and little liquor shot bottles.

Ball Stink

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