Greedy San Francisco Landlords Are Burning Down Their Properties to Get Around Tenant Rent Control Law

Locals are posting signs all over San Francisco expressing their hate for “Techie Scum” infiltrating their city, driving rents skyhigh, causing record evictions by money-hungry landlords who cater to them by USING ARSON to get rid of low-rent tenants!


“San Francisco has laws in place like Rent Control and The Ellis Act that are supposed to protect renters from steep rent increases or evictions without just cause. Apparently, the way the greedy property owners are getting around that these days is arson.

Why continue to collect $963 per month from a tenant that has been in your run-down studio apartment for over two decades when you can get well over $2000? Over $2000 per month for a one room unit.

If you burn your building and remodel, you can get around The Ellis Act and Rent Control. You can also get a million dollars–or more.”

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