Gigantic, 175-Pound Pit Bull

No, the image below is not a clever Photoshop ruse. It’s for real.

Giant Pit Bull


strangebuttrueHis name is “Hulk” and he’s only 18-months old, yet he weighs as much as an average man. He is owned by a family (with a small child) engaged in a puppy mill scheme who breed and raise pit bull dogs (see their Facebook) for the specific purpose of being trained as protection guard dogs they sell to law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The mystery is there is no explanation as to how this dog grew to such gigantic proportions — or at least nobody’s telling, except to say “he eats four pounds of ground beef a day.” Is there a growth hormone in common hamburger we are unaware of? Suspicious, enquiring minds want to know.  [Also, read about pit bull attacks and bans on them here.]

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