Freak Nearly Loses His Dick To Infection After Putting Candy Under Dirty Foreskin

Popping Candy Nut

SickRead all about how a weirdo who made his SMEGMA-LADEN dirty pecker get laced with flesh-eating bacteria after he stuffed popping candy under his penis’ foreskin and didn’t clean himself for weeks (see Filthy Penis on Tumblr for images of dirty penises with smegma all over them (ADULT, VERY GROSS)).

Within three weeks, the sugary residue had combined with Gareth’s penile filth to create a scabbed crust. Last night, unemployed Gareth, 36, winced: “It was astonishingly painful but the worst thing was, I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor.”

The matter reached an eye-watering climax when Gareth collapsed on Witton Street and was taken to hospital – where his infected genitals surprised even hardened medics. Single Gareth endured an emergency circumcision and was placed on a course of powerful antibiotics to prevent the onset of flesheating infections such as necrotizing fasciitis.  KEEP READING FASCINATING STORY

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