Family Moves Into Tiny House (VIDEO)

Family Moves Into Tiny House Trailer

“Home Sweet Home” measures 8 feet wide by 20 feet long, a total of 800 square feet.

A family spent $20,000 to build a tiny 800 square foot mobile house to cut their monthly utility bill down to $50 per month.  That’s right: they spent $20 grand to save money.  They threw out their TV sets, their child’s toys, their beds, all their furniture, their clothes, their art — most of their possessions — so they could live like gypsies in the tiny house, hauling it hither and yon in a kind of vagabond existence — all to avoid paying high utility bills.   They say they did it to “lessen their environmental impact.” WITNESS lots of photos here of the cramped inside living conditions they’re putting their child and 60-lb. dog through to be modern-day hippie gypsies.

Click link below to watch video of the place.

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