I hate it when people say, “Happy Easter.” Why?  Because how can one celebrate Jesus’ murder, dragged around and nailed to a cross? How is that “happy”? Yeah, there’s Easter baskets filled with candy bunnies for excited kids — I guess the Bunny and egg thing being made as a distraction from the evil of what happened a couple of thousand years ago in Iraq — once the land Jesus walked and baptized people in.  I’m just thinking about the meaning of this day when Jesus arose from death, how he was treated and his legacy and message, so much of which is distorted by crazy lunatics of today, some running around saying Jesus Never Existed At All, when his story is in the Holy Bible.  Easter BasketIt’s all up to you whether you believe or not.

Have you noticed that all of these holidays have alternate meanings?  Christmas being the celebration of the birth of Jesus, while at the same time there’s Santa Claus and gift-giving. Easter is the celebration of Jesus having risen from his tomb in death, while at the same time there’s the Easter bunny and his delicious eggs. It’s weird, isn’t it?


Roast Leg of Lamb, an Easter Dinner delight.

Then we have the venerable Easter Sunday feast. Usually it’s roast leg of lamb with garlic and Rosemary. A delightful dinner I must say, when done right by a cook who knows what they’re doing. Garlic cloves stuffed into the gamey leg of lamb, with sprigs of fragrant Rosemary on the roast — taking that gamey taste away. The meat of a leg of lamb, by the way, contains beneficial nutrients for the human body containing 182% B12, 87% Selenium and many more vitamins. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh peas or squash, with applesauce or cranberry sauce on the side (similar to a roast pork dinner). Oh, and that dark rich lamb gravy from the drippings to go over your potatoes and sliced lamb on your dinner plate. Oh my God, how delicious that is.



And the after-dinner desert… one in particular is the above, named Frozen Champagne Salad, consisting of fruit and whipped cream. See the website Hello Somebody for more on this granny desert, likely long lost in the annals of time that should be remembered and preserved in the minds of the young Millenials who should KNOW about such wonders to delight in and pass the recipe down to the generations yet to come that their horny genitals are always busy making babies!

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