East Coast “Mole People” Dig Snow Tunnels to Get Around Because of All the Snow!

Snow Tunnels

“It looks like I’m inside a cold, bloody asshole, doesn’t it?”


Digging snow tunnels is now a thing! Massive snowfall is forcing North Americans to dig snow tunnels to get around; snow tunnels showing up on social media.  There has been so much snow that Americans are tunneling through it to get to stores, mass transit and other places. But SNOW TUNNELS ARE DANGEROUS, should they collapse on you, you’re buried and as good as dead unless someone rescues you before you SUFFOCATE.

40-foot bike snow tunnel to restore bike path! (Read about it here!):

Video footage of the Wellington T-Stop snow-tunnel! / cc @OnlyinBos, @universalhub

A video posted by BBP (@bostonbikeparty) on

Snow is so deep cars are completely buried and have to be dug out by snow diggers!

Buried Car

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