Communicable Disease and “The Cop’s Slave”

The Cop’s Slave

Safeguard AntibacterialWTF is up with all the foot-licking stuff on the Web lately?  Did you know the feet carry loads of crawling fungal germs on them unless they’re clean with nails trimmed down?  Oh yes, dear inquisitive reader.  Your feet may appear clean, BUT THEY’RE NOT!    They’re crawling with microbial germs!  A microbe is a tiny living organism that can only be seen with a microscope.  You get communicable disease from that fungal spore in your mouth from sucking on dirty feet — and you can get a fungal infection in your body, possibly turning into a STAPH infection if left unchecked!  (See “The Top Ten Reasons Why You MUST Wear Shoes.”)

germADVICE:  Should you engage in this peculiar foot sensual activity with another carbon unit, make sure their feet are cleansed with hot, soapy water using an anti-bacterial body soap containing the chemical triclocarban (Safeguard or Dial).  This chemical stops STENCH on the body from sweating/perspiration funk and kills germs.  In the hot months of summer your body will SMELL, especially your feet — which are a breeding ground for FUNGUS.  So shower with this soap every day, using it on EVERYTHING (that means your SEX ORGANS) to kill germs.

Dirty Feet Fetish

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