“Cocaine and Mexican Whores Saved My Life” Declares Suicidal Redditor

Bored, suicidal Redditor finds solace with the whores of Mexico and cocaine — losing some $2 grand in the process.

Whore in Mexico

“Let us do the pussy. You want co-ca? Come in, come in!”


“Went to Mexico to buy barbiturates for a humane and peaceful death.

Decided that if I was gonna die anyway I might as well fuck a prostitute before it was all over. After that a cab driver offered to sell me cocaine. One thing lead to another, and I got a room above a whore house equipped with a heart shaped bed, a stripper pole, and a hot tub.

Spent a full week snorting coke off tits, popping pain meds, drinking tequila, eating handfuls of Viagra to fight the whiskey/coke dick, and had three FFM threesomes.

Somewhere in the midst of my coke-fueled orgy I decide life wasn’t so bad after all.”

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