Christians Are Going Nuts Now That Gay Marriage Nationwide Has Gone to Congress to Decide

Crazy-People2After President Obama signed a document for Congress to decide whether gay marriage should become nationwide law, citing bans on it are unconstitutional and discriminatory, Christians are going full-throttle in their “end times” rhetoric against it.  Watch a Christian hater named Scott Lively of Defend The Family say, “Homosexuality Is Worse Than Murder And Worse Than Genocide” in this clip, which he says making it law will bring on the end of mankind by God’s angry wrath, citing Leviticus verse in the bible.

“Not since Noah’s flood have human beings celebrated homosexual marriage.  The final straw for God was when they started celebrating and engaging in homosexual and bestial marriages.  The things that are identified in scripture as the most egregious sins in the bible — worse than murder — worse than genocide — is sexual perversion that breaks the relationship that God has established for us to live by.”

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