Bank Robber Eats His Shit on the Witness Stand in Court

“He testified that he really, really likes methamphetamine.”

Shit Eating Bank Robber on Stand

Yeah, that’s an actual, unretouched courtroom photo of him eating his own shit on the witness stand in court.

CRIME DOES NOT PAY“While testifying in his own defense, Gilbertson reached into his pants, removed fecal matter and ate it, prompting a sudden court recess.  Gilbertson said The Virgin Mary told him to do it.”  [Source] 

Christians are highly offended about Gilbertson saying he was told to eat fecal matter by The Virgin Mary and have written a rant article about it on their website, God Help Us All.  For eating feces is what Satan tells his followers to do.  Yes, people who eat their own shit are possessed by Satan.


GRAPHIC made by “God Help Us All” website, NOT US! We swear!

Well Hello There, Prince Charming!

Shit Eating Bank Robber

Shit-Eating Bank Robber

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