Angry EX Accused of Arson (VIDEO)

Made Ex-Wife & Children Homeless

Cheating Wifes Ex

In a typical Crime of Passion case, the ex-husband is accused of setting his own home on fire where his ex-wife and their children were living after their divorce was final.  It’s alleged he spray-painted “My Wife is a Cheater” on the home in vengeance.  First, the home EXPLODED, then burned. Fortunately the ex-wife and children were not in the home when the arson occurred. One of the family’s two cats died in the fire.  The ex-husband faced a judge on arson and animal cruelty charges, among other charges.  The arson attack rendered his ex-wife and his little children homeless.

Cheater House Fire2

Cheater House Fire1

Another case of cheating, in which the wife threw the cheating husband’s stuff out on the lawn.

"My neighbor caught her husband having an affair."

“My neighbor caught her husband having an affair.”

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