Doctors Find 10-Year-Old Sex Toy Embedded In Woman’s Va-Gee-Na

A 38 year old Scottish woman walked around for 10 years with a 5-inch sex toy inside her without realizing it. The woman arrived at a hospital after suffering from weight loss, shaking, lethargy and incontinence. Doctors discovered a foreign mass protruding from her bladder into her vagina, it turned out to be a sex toy that had been lodged in there for ten (10) years.

X-Ray of the woman's innards show 5-inch sex toy she stuck in there while drunk and forgot about.

X-Ray of the woman’s innards show 5-inch sex toy she stuck in there while drunk and forgot about.

MORAL OF THE STORY? Stop Sticking Nasty Fake Things In Your Body and Get the Real Thing

Pink Brigade

FLORIDA: Naked Thieves Steal 60 Hamburgers, Three Pounds of Bacon (PHOTOS)


One of three "naked bandits" (this one wore underwear) who robbed a restaurant naked.

One of three “naked bandits” (this one wore underwear) who robbed a Jetski store naked.   Why would guys be doing this NAKED?  Don’t you think that’s a bit PECULIAR?  And in all the photos they’re touching their dicks, which makes it even more PECULIAR.

The other two "naked bandits" clutching their dicks as they rob the store.

The other two “naked bandits” clutching their dicks as they rob the store.

MANHUNT UNDERWAY IN FLORIDA – Two naked guys and one wearing only white underwear broke into a beachside jetski company and stole 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, some red peppers and a paddleboard — all caught on the establishment’s spy camera.

almighty_penisSEE the owner’s Facebook where he posted photos of the “naked bandits.”

Sadly the owner didn’t post photos of the shapely, well-developed lithe young bodies of the bandits with their DICKS UNCOVERED to appeal to penis-obsessed size queen lovers of The Almighty Penis on the Internet to ogle and fap-fap-fap over.  Some people just don’t have vision!   See the posted photos here.

Dirty Rotten Scum Kid Destroys WWII Purple Heart! (VIDEO)

DEMON SPAWNNot all sperm made in the roots of the almighty penis is healthy.  ScumbagOh no…  Sperm can be defective and produce a really rotten bad seed of a child.  Such is the case with this fat little son-of-a-bitch who says he was bored and decided to DESTROY a World War II purple heart that some brave and honorable veteran long ago earned for saving lives.  Watch the little bastard try destroy it several ways, giggling with glee as he does so.  Where’s a nice GREEN switch when you need one?

I spat at my computer screen watching this filth!

[Update: He tried to remove it by making it private on YouTube, but the video is all over the Internet.–Ed.]

Racist Redneck Cruises the Roads of Texas Spreading His Hateful Swill to the Gullible and Beguiled

More evidence of our tainted gene pool. Maybe this sick mania is caused by Texas’ heavy consumption of GMO FrankenCorn?

Racist in Texas

You have my permission to click to enlarge this fucktard’s hot mess.

[P.S. There are a lot of vile, discriminatory HATE GROUPS in Texas.  Check out this map.–Ed.]