Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (FULL TV SPECIAL)

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerTo celebrate tomorrow’s beginning of December — the Christmas month — we bring you the full, beloved 1964 classic, “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer” holiday special, made by stop-motion animation geniuses at Rankin Bass.  Many a baby boomer recalls this Christmas show with great fondness, which began as a Christmas booklet by department store Montgomery Ward in 1939.  The story then became a popular Christmas song, recorded on June 27, 1949, which was later used in the amazing stop-motion animated TV special that first aired on December 6, 1964.

eBay Scammer Auctions Dirt from Justin Bieber’s Home Town

Justin Bieber Dirt

Con Artist scoops up some dirt from Justin Bieber’s home town of Stratford, Ontario and puts it up for sale on eBay calling the dirt a “Justin Bieber Collectible” to make a quick buck.  The “Bieber Dirt” (pictured, left) has a blue “J” on the bottle for Justin.  One sucker actually bidded on the thing, believe it or not.

Bieber Dirt
Apparently eBay got wise to the con and took the auction down.

Dallas Cop Leads Double-Life as Potty-Mouthed Rapper “Lucille-Baller”

Lucille Baller
Lady cop turned filth rapper impersonates dead actress, Lucille Ball

Lt. Regina Smith, a prominent Dallas, Texas lady cop who’s been rapping in drag as “Lucille-Baller” on the side, has outraged her superiors over her  foul-mouthed rapping engagements, which are a violation of the police Code of Conduct.   See “Meet Lucille Baller, the Violent Violent Rap Alter-Ego of a Dallas Cop.”

Get Your “Mermen” Christmas Ornaments Here!

Gin and Tonic Mermen makes mermaid men (“mermen”) Christmas ornaments by hand, along with many other weird and strange ornaments for your tree!  On their site, click to browse all their mouth-watering, unusual ornaments.  Visit December Diamonds Facebook page.

Mermen ornaments can also be found on  Such as this cute Lumberjack Mermen Ornament AND don’t miss Mr. Martini Mermen!  There are so many unusual ones to choose from!

Mermen Ornaments
“Mermen” Christmas tree ornaments. They are male mermaids!  Click to Enlarge.

WTF? LA Malls Unveil Caviar Vending Machines

Caviar ATM
Caviar ATM

The filthy rich in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles can now buy their expensive caviar right out of a vending machine for the bargain price of $50 to $500 an ounce!  The ATM caviar vending machines are stocked by the company Beverly Hills Caviar.  Then they can nibble on caviar while they shop and waste thousands of dollars on disgusting Rodeo Drive, instead of donating their riches to charity for the cold, cruel winter ahead.  THE FILTHY RICHSee EATER blog for more on this brazen display of wealth amongst the struggling peons of society.

The rich stuff their fat faces on $500 an ounce caviar — while the rest of us struggle to survive  in these hard times of mass unemployment, home foreclosures, millions on food stamps and homeless families depending on food and shelter from churches.





Vending Machine Caviar
Beverly Hills Caviar Vending Machines Offer Caviar for $50 – $500 for an OUNCE of goddamn FISH EGGS! The vending machines have been installed all over Los Angeles, catering to the rich and privileged. How tacky can they get buying pricey caviar from a vending machine on the fly?

VIDEO: Florida Student Strips in Front of Anti-Gay Preacher in Protest

Queerty writes: “Anti-gay Bible thumper “Brother” Micah Armstrong has quite a reputation on college campuses across the East Coast. But the homophobic holy man met his match at the University of Central Florida, where student Austin Cooper took off his clothes in order to discombobulate Armstrong.”  NOTE:  If stupid YouTube’s censors remove the video, watch it on LiveLeak.


(Safe, No Genitalia Seen)

Tacky Christmas: Glass Ornament Earrings

Adorn your earlobes with tiny little Christmas tree ornaments to get into the spirit of things — OR — wrap them up as your gift to that special someone on the cheap at $2.99!  Too tacky for you?  See Ornament Earrings on Etsy for lots more.

Ornament Earrings
Great gift for big spenders! LOL

Wrestler on Twitter Attacked Over Gay Slur Tweets; He Doesn’t Give a Shit

Scorpio Sky
Talk dirty to me, baby!

TWITTER WAR OF WORDS — A hot, big-dicked muscular wrestler on Twitter, Scorpio Sky, is responding to constant negative tweets by crybaby goons for his use of the word “faggot” on Twitter.  [See, a site that monitors Twitter slurs in real time.]

But Scorpio Sky (Wiki), who is a martial artist as well as a professional wrestler, also calls his haters other names as well, such as the “n-word.”  Scorpio Sky WinsHe uses slurs on anyone who attacks/opposes him — and he doesn’t give a damn who gets butthurt.  Scorpio tweets he prefers his tweets being “unfiltered” and will not apologize for words.

Watch his wrestling bouts online at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  See this slideshow showing his sexy body in those skin tight Spandex wrestling tights that show off his delightful money-maker bulge!  Ha-ha!  :-)

Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky

See more of Scorpio’s amusing Tweets below…
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Woman Puts Up Middle Finger Christmas Lights


It was Sarah Henderson’s way of saying “fuck Christmas” to her neighbors in an ongoing turf war she’s been having with them, but the moral police cops told her to take down the “offensive” Christmas lights because they are OBSCENE.

But the evil, Reptilian-infested ACLU of Louisiana is defending Henderson, saying:  “The First Amendment expressly, explicitly, makes clear that even things like the raised middle finger are protected speech,” says Executive Director Marjorie Esman.




Finger Xmas Light Display

Numb Nuts Uses Brass Knuckles to Kill a Spider (VIDEO)

After some guy in Spokane, Washington vows to move out of the state because of an apparent spider infestation, he slips on a pair of brass knuckles to kill a large spider crawling on his wall.  See the result of that dumb decision herewith.

Photo of an NYPD Cop’s Gift To a Homeless Man Is Going Viral

Christmas TreeAmid All the Selfish Greed for Material Things, A Touching Story of Holiday Season Goodwill…

Officer Larry DePrimo NYPD
See His Slideshow

As a Facebooker hid close by, she observed Officer Lawrence DePrimo, a kind and decent New York policeman, give a homeless man boots in an extraordinary act of kindness — what the holiday season is supposed to be all about — “peace and goodwill toward men” — not about Black Friday shopping greed!  She took a picture of the kind officer (who was unaware of her presence) with the homeless person — who had sores and element burns on his bare feet.  The photo below has since gone viral all over the Internet.

A Rare Moment of Compassion

for Another Human Being

This photo a “viral sensation” of holiday goodwill.  Read what he said to the homeless man while giving him the boots on this Facebook post.

Facebooker Jennifer Foster of Florence, AZ was visiting Times Square with her husband Nov. 14 when they saw a shoeless man asking for change. She writes:

“Right when I was about to approach, one of your officers came up behind him. The officer said, ‘I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you.’ The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man. The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching.”

The gorgeous policeman (see his Facebook photo from the NYPD Facebook page) responds to the viral media flurry by saying “I didn’t think anything of it.”

Gorgeous Cop
Beautiful man, beautiful heart. It couldn’t get any better than that.