Strange Phenomena: Republicans Have Won Every Nov. 6 Date Election Since 1860

Evil Romney

The right-wing Breitbart site is drooling for a Romney win by digging up some startling and true weird facts about November 6:

“Since election day was standardized in 1845 there have been 6 presidential elections held on November 6th and Republicans have won all six. That means next Tuesday, the 7th Presidential election held on this date, will either break or uphold a streak that began in 1860 with the election of Abraham Lincoln.”

New Yorkers Find Ways to Power Up iPods, Laptops & Other Electronic Devices

With the power out in NY, street people find outlets and wifi zones in order to use their cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops and other mechanical devices they are addicted to.

Outlet Camp
Outlet on street draws camp.

Weird Woman Keeps Rearranging Patio Furniture!

A family is disturbed by a strange woman who keeps coming onto their property to rearrange their patio furniture. They captured her in the odd act with their security cameras.

VIDEO SHOCKER: Tree Uprooting Filmed as it Happens

Saw this on last night’s news — a resident of Long Island, NY had his video camera on as, all of a sudden, a huge tree in his backyard uprooted itself — caused by the ground being over-saturated with storm water and high-velocity wind.  The video has gone viral on the Web.

Hurricane Sandy Forces Coffins Above Ground

Coffins surface in a Maryland cemetery from flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.  See more on this creepy news on Daily Mail.

“Early Tuesday afternoon, at a cemetery on North Somerset Ave., two caskets — one silver and the other bronze — had been forced out of their graves, their sides visible above the grass. The cement slabs that had covered the graves were dislodged.”  [Source]

Hurricane Sandy Coffins

ALSO, a huge 700-ton tanker was forced ashore on Staten Island, NY by Hurricane Sandy as seen in this news video:

Staten Island Tanker

VIDEO: UFO Flies Into Volcano

A UFO descended into a live volcano in Mexico, and the amazing event was caught on camera. According to an Oct. 27, 2012 report, this recent event took place over the Popocatepeti Volcano where a glowing, tubular unidentified flying object was filmed flying into it by Mexican news media.

Pastor Blames Hurricane Sandy on “The Gay Agenda”

Pastor McTernan: Gay Hater

Pastor John McTernan says Hurricane Sandy was punishment from God, who brought on the hurricane just before the presidential election because both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the “homosexual agenda.”  Read more about this weirdo in the article, “Christian Preacher Blames Gays for Hurricane Sandy.”  Also see McTernan’s website, where he prays to rid the world of Muslim and gay-supporting political candidates.

Parents Believe Their Newborn “Is The Devil”

Parents of a four-week-old infant say the child can already walk by himself and produce fire.  They are terrified by the child’s searing eyes and the infant has been making disturbing sounds.  All this leads them to believe the child is the devil incarnate.  Neighbors have been stoning their house.

Possessed Baby
Demonic Possessed Baby

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP: Plumber’s Butt Longtail T-Shirts

Duluth Trading Company has invented a long t-shirt that hides dreaded social faux pas “plumber’s butt crack.” The inspiring longtail T is 3 inches longer to hide offensive buttocks cleavage.  A perfect gift for that special loved one under the tree!

Watch the sales pitch below.

Love Blooms in the Office When Creepy Guy Shows Co-Worker His Cell Phone Penis Pics

Female becomes attracted to creepy guy at work after he shows her pictures of his penis on his cell phone at work. [Source]

Naughty Cell Phone Pics

DEAR ABBY: There is a man at work I’m very attracted to. He seems to be equally attracted to me. The problem is, he has shown me two pictures of his privates that he has on his cellphone. When he did it, it wasn’t completely out of context of our conversation and our interest in each other. We do not have a physical relationship (yet), but I’m considering it. How weird is it that he has these pictures on his phone? — GOT AN EYEFUL IN ILLINOIS

DEAR GOT AN EYEFUL: That must have been some conversation! It’s amazing either of you get any work done with so many pheromones floating in the air. From my perspective, what your co-worker did was “premature” considering you have no social relationship (yet). It could also be considered a form of flashing.

However, while I consider what he did to be overexposure and not a particularly impressive courtship technique, displaying pictures of his anatomy on his cellphone is not unheard of among men who think like adolescents.

Creepy Camera Man Re-Emerges; New Creepy Videos

The creepy cameraman we saw a few weeks back going into a school filming people without their consent — and ignoring their pleas to stop — has re-emerged, now calling himself “Surveillance Camera Man.”

Here is creepy camera man’s latest video from his Vimeo account. Watch people get disturbed and upset when he films them: