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Tobacco Vodka

Another jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising entry from the annals of our backward, Twilight-zonish upside down world, where strange things imagined in pot-fueled dreams are actually reality… Strange but true — vodka flavored like tobacco and an alternate mixture of tobacco and menthol, which leaves your mouth feeling like an ashtray wiped out with mouthwash. Tobacco Vodka Taste-Tested [...]

Cronut Deep-Fried Hell

Evil foodie MURDERERS hiding out in Canada have now created the Cronut Burger, a deep-fried doughnut-croissant with a greasy cheese-laden hamburger patty inside.  But wait that’s not all — the Cronut Burger also comes laden with sugary maple-bacon jam, to ensure diabetes.  It is estimated the calorie count for this burger is well over 2,000.  It’s [...]

Your Place on the Food Chain: Boxed Macaroni & Cheese with Hot Dogs In It

This is what rich people eat: This is what poor people eat (a.k.a. the “99%”): Get creative: make “hot dog octopus” to top your boxed Mac ‘N Cheese for your dinner guests (if you can afford to have people over).

Man is Served Maggot-Infested Sandwich at Atlanta Airport

“That’s what I was served for lunch.” Joel Woloshuk’s focaccia sandwich contained live maggots in the cheese. He gave the gross thing to news media to go after the sandwich vendor at the Atlanta, Georgia airport. WARNING: Video Below is DISTURBING

What’s the Beef? Look at the Huge Fish the Atomic Waste is Creating!

Stupid Chick Pepper-Sprays Her Food, Eats It and Gets Really Sick

She says, “Pepper spray is very much a food product” before spraying the volatile, poisonous shit on her sandwich and eating it.  What a dipshit. OK, stupid here’s why you should NOT consume pepper spray. Pepper Spray is not just Capsaicin (the heat found in chili peppers), it also contains some water and propellant. Depending [...]

Cyclospora Traced to Mexico!

Pre-packaged salad mix used by Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants (and you thought you were getting fresh handmade salad for your money there) that have sickened 400 in 16 states has been traced to a filthy farm in Mexico, according to the FDA.  Symptoms of the parasite Cyclospora infection include vomiting, watery anal discharge, [...]

Time to Stop Buying Pre-Packaged Salad — Or You May Get the New Disease “Cyclospora”

WE’RE NOT SAFE ANYMORE!  A new stomach illness that’s hitting 16 states in the eastern U.S. called “Cyclospora” is being said to be caused by eating infected pre-packaged salad with 80 percent of the cases had been exposed to this same type of prepackaged salad mix, according to the Center for Disease Control.  This is [...]

Mutated Vegetables in Japan Two Years After Nuke Disaster

Stir-fry anyone?  See 22 disturbing photos of freaky crop vegetables, thanks to atomic radiation! Eat it and here’s what it’ll do to you:


Worldwide rage started in Tokyo, Japan is the BLACK HOT DOG!  See mouthwatering sexually stimulating black hot dog photos!