SICK WEB: “Real” Alpha Male Demands Money from “Cash Fags” Online (VIDEO)

SickThere Cash Alpha Sitesis a weird sexual fetish phenomenon online with alleged straight males who say they are not a “faggot” calling themselves “Alpha Males” who ask for money from gays in what’s called “cash fags” where the “Alpha Male” states he enjoys “draining cash fags dry for fun.” [Also see Get Drained.]

Simply, these so-called latent heterosexual “Alpha Males” saying “Cash Sir” are no more than male hustlers preying on lonely old homosexuals for their money with promises of performing sexual acts with them by promoting their image as a dominant, verbal thug who seeks submissives to humiliate for cash (they say “pay tribute”).  There are gays who enjoy this sort of thing and actually pay these guys for the experience, however despicable the Alpha Male hustle may appear (see Your Cash is My Cash) — many of whom are Methed Up.

Alpha Degradation
Old gay man paid $$$ the Alpha for “the honor” of licking his dirty shoes.


Cash Fags Alpha

Smoker SpermThe “Alpha Male” claims he will do sexual things with the gays for the “fag cash,” either online via Skype or in person: berating them using gay slurs, spitting on them, beating them, forcing them to do filthy things such as licking their dirty, smelly feet and shoes, licking toilet seats and urinals, being urinated on and much more acts of humiliation [Praise Your Bully] — all of which gays PAY them for. Bow Down Cash Fags

Yeah, sounds NUTS, dun’t it? Hey, it’s prostitution. Been going on since recorded history. But in this case it’s young men, not females, offering sexual thrills.

Slapped Around
Would you “LOVE” to be slapped around by this guy?

Browse Google using keywords “alpha male cash fags” and a whole bunch of these humiliation sites appear (most of which are on Tumblr), that contain threatening money-beg posts and videos and pictures showing gay men being abused.  One site on Blogger promises he is a “ruthless Alpha Male just released from New York department of corrections.”

NYC Alpha Cash Whore
“I promise to treat you like the faggot piece of shit, that you are.”