Florida is So Flooded, People are Catching Fish in the Streets with Their Bare Hands!

[Click to watch him snare a live fish with bare hands off the sidewalk: Florida Fish Catch Video]

Florida Catch

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Taco Bell Worker Wrote This on Cop’s Order

Taco Bell Order to Cop

The employee who wrote it was swiftly fired.  Like I’ve written before, you don’t know what the creepy people who work in fast food joints are doing to your food behind the scenes.  Steer clear of those places and cook your own food at home — you won’t get diarrhea so often.

Cruel Father Publicly Shames Thieving Daughter (VIDEO)

Humiliation Does NOT Cure

Gary Mills Daughter

Pig-2 Listen to this father named Gary Mills shame his daughter in public and on social media. Look at the father’s Facebook with videos berating and shaming the youngster in the most abusive, cruel and psychologically damaging way standing her in front of the town’s police station and boasting about it.  Watch the foul-mouthed father enjoy all the attention he’s getting in this creep show short video. According to The Blaze, someone reportedly called child protective services on him.

[See BadParenting.org and MyBadParent and ParentFail for more stories.]

“Everybody in the world will know my daughter’s a thief and a liar and I’m sick and tired of it.”

It’s not “tough love.” My opinion is it’s CHILD ABUSE.  Something’s wrong at home to make this girl do bad things.  She needs to see a psychiatrist to get intelligent, compassionate help.  Poor kid.

He Said “Piss in My Ass!” When I Laughed

StupidBloodstained Men & Their Friends want babies to keep that ugly overhanging skin that uncircumcised men have to clean underneath all the time to avoid foul-smelling smegma, a cheese-like substance that forms on the penis. Uncircumcised men are more than twice as likely to become infected with HIV. The “Bloodstained Men” movement is as nuts as anti-vaccination kooks.

Circumcision Horror

anti-vaxers welcomed