Arrested for Calling 911 About “Sup Par Chinese Food”


“The 44-year-old Ohio woman was arrested yesterday after she dialed 911 to complain that food she ordered at a Chinese restaurant was not up to her standards.” [Source]

She did NOT “dial 911” as stated in the news links about this incident. She dialed the main police number. It was the police switchboard operators who were in error transferring the call to the 911 system.  But media outlets on the Internet are misreporting the truth about the complaint call.

Injustice-ServedListen to the call closely at the end (embedded below) to what McCloud says about being transferred to the 911 system.

“Wait a minute, they transferred me to you,” McCloud stated before being cut off after the 911 operator told her she should have called the non-emergency line.

Dishonest police set up Tracey McCloud who at first called the regular police number to complain about a crooked Chinese food restaurant who took her money and her food, robbing her. Apparently the switchboard operators at the police department thought it would be funny to transfer McCloud’s call to the 911 system instead, thereby getting McCloud arrested and creating a viral 911 call for the Internet shaming the woman.