People Who SuckWhat a caustic, unprofessional Fox News’ Megan Kelly is, bringing her obvious personal agenda to the GOP Debate paid for and shown only on the FOX News network last night.  PEOPLE HATE HER and took to Twitter last night to say so.  See the growing hate comments on her Facebook page post.

This was NOT a true “debate” in any sense. Ten candidates were stood up on stage and asked questions. That’s not debating. That’s asking questions. A debate is when a candidate has a conversation or shouting match with his/her opponent over a question posed.

Debate Dumb QuestionsThis whole thing was a complete JOKE. I couldn’t believe the CIRCUS I was watching — not so much the candidates, but by FOX News who obviously tried to pit candidates against each other, taking cheap shots to glorify themselves with the viewing audience, instead of THE CANDIDATES who were supposed to be the object of the so-called “debate.”

Donald Trump was right firing back this morning in all his Tweets about the so-called “debate” aired exclusively on the FOX channel, by the way, so they could mop up all the ratings. Really, really CRUMMY how it was put on.

Tonight I Found Out My Husband is Cheating on Me (VIDEO)

She writes:

“I am devastated! The fact that lying came so incredibly easy to him is what worries me the most. How many times has he done this before?! I can’t believe he’d do this to his kids! I have no friends or family in this city & I feel trapped & lonely. I don’t know if I can ever get over this. Please be kind, I really need support!”

“**updated: just to clarify: we did “the deed” daily. we both had the same limits. He never complained about any of it & in fact would tell me how great it was after each time without me asking. If he would have told me there was an issue-I would have tried correcting it/comprimising-but he didn’t.”