Girl Posts About Her Yeast Infection on Facebook with a Gross Picture

TOO MUCH INFORMATION — A very vulgar woman with a history of posting vile personal stuff posted an image of her yeast infection on Facebook.

Yeast Infection Facebook Post

Girl Gets Leopard Hickeys from Nasty Boyfriend

Leopard Hickeys

Man Invents Cat Feeding Machine (VIDEO)


A man built an incredible machine that takes cat feeding to a whole new level. He trained his cat “Monkey” to look for plastic balls hidden around the house and throw them into the machine. Once the machine recognizes the RFID-tagged balls, the feeder is activated and the feeding bowl is filled with cat treats.

Ferguson Protesters March with Roasted Pig’s Head that has Darren Wilson’s Name Scrawled On It

Ferguson Pigs Head0

Ferguson Pigs Head1“Say cheese for the coppers!” Ferguson Pigs Head2Cop cap on dead pig.

Residents of Ferguson remember Michael Brown’s murder one year after a cop named Darren Wilson shot the teen to death for attacking him in his patrol car.  More photos plus a shooting. Cops shoot a protester in Ferguson on the one-year anniversary, sparking rage and protests.

Arrested for Grabbing Cops’ Cocks Twice

While under arrest police say Michael Edwards suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles in two separate incidents. Edwards “refused to release his grasp until Investigative Services Bureau agents forcefully removed his hands.”


Grabbed Cops Cock

Horny Cops

Crazy Cop Pulls a Gun on Man for Filming Him

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a Rohnert Park Public Safety officer driving toward Don McComas as he’s filming. As McComas moves in closer to record the license plate number on the officer’s police SUV, the officer stops, gets out and tells McComas to take his hand out of his pocket.

Discriminatory Scum Posts Signs “Negroes Are Dangerous” on their Property (PHOTOS)

Discriminatory Neighbors1People Who SuckHateful hillbilly scum in New Hampshire post their opinions of  African-Americans and gay marriage on their woodland property in a series of five vile photos.  Once again, we’re not safe from the nutters no matter where we live — in the country or city — they’re everywhere.  It’s a foregone conclusion they have guns, too.

Discriminatory Neighbors

Discriminatory Neighbors2