MASSIVE Snake Found in Back of Chinese Restaurant! (VIDEO)

CreepyNow what was a snake THAT LONG doing in a food preparation place?


d_for_disturbingUh-huh, are you thinking what I’m thinking? A… -ER- meat substitute to cut costs, perhaps? Hapless lovers of Chinese food consuming SNAKE when they think it’s chicken? Hey, it happens! Like I keep telling you guys, it’s time to cook your own food at home because a lot of food places simply can’t be trusted anymore. We don’t know what they’re doing with the food — whose dirty hands are handling it — how it’s stored and if stored properly and refrigerated right — and what filthy morons are DOING TO THAT FOOD, such as spitting on it, putting their sperm on it or dropping it all over their dirty floor!

You really just don’t know! You enter the fast food restaurants TRUSTING of them. Trusting they’re doing the right thing! But are they?