VIDEO: Man on Crutches with One Leg Taken Down Hard by 14 Cop Goons in ‘Frisco

Bad CopsAccording to Raw Story, it took fourteen (14) San Francisco cops to subdue a crippled homeless black man with one leg after some fucktard snitched to the cops saying the crippled man was “waiving sticks” — which later turned out to be his CRUTCHES! It’s too bad that 4.0 quake in ‘Frisco the other day wasn’t stronger to give the cops some real work to do! This is a DISGRACE!

“An officer can be seen at the 5 second time-mark stomping on the man’s prosthetic leg. In further efforts to subdue a man already on the ground with four people on top of him, they stood on his leg, held it, and twisted it around even after they had cuffed him and pinned him to the piss-stained concrete.”