Trump on the Mindset of Building a Great Country

THINKYou know, every time I watch Trump talk I like what he’s saying. I can’t help it. I’ve watched other candidate interviews/speeches, but I get bored. When I watch Trump talk I’m riveted. He gets my attention. I just like his ideas. Maybe this is why he’s running high in all the polls across the country? People enjoy him, he fascinates them.

Interesting Trump speech in Las Vegas jumped two minutes in to having the mindset to make great business deals for the country and the incompetent ones running the show now. This guy isn’t stupid. You don’t have 10 billion in the bank if you’re stupid. He’s got some great ideas for boosting the economy, which means J-O-B-S, prosperity and most importantly raises at your job when the financial market is doing well. Think about it. We all could stand more money, right? NONE of the other 17 candidates speak like Trump.

This is a great interview. I don’t particularly like Sean Hannity, but this was an exception. It totally shows Trump’s mindset as well, especially his comments on the Great Wall of China. Watch the interview all the way through. This guy has big ideas. Some good, some unbelievable — but the thing is he’s GOT IDEAS, while the other candidates don’t. Think about it. Riveting guy, really.