CREEPY Upstairs Neighbors Intentionally TORTURE their Neighbor Below (VIDEO)

crazypeople1I can hear my creep’s recliner chair close whenever I make noise; he reacts to any sound I make and listens.  He gets up out of his chair and walks to the kitchen area directly above mine.  The floor creaks under his obese weight as he gets down to put his ear on his kitchen floor to listen to my activities with a thumping sound.  I also hear a tapping sound after he gets down, like a glass or stethoscope being used to listen to me.  It happens daily.

HE STAYS UP ALL NIGHT.  I can hear him pacing around up there, back and forth, back and forth.  Could be a meth addict?  Sometimes he wears boots and does a lot of stomping around in his kitchen in them above mine.

creepyguyI remember hearing the sound of my creepy guy upstairs neighbor ripping up the wall-to-wall carpet in his bedroom above mine one day.  Hoping to hear SEXUAL activity, I suspect. There is a flurry of sound up there whenever I take a shower (because I’m naked I think).

Late at night when he is unseen he goes out on his porch above mine to listen to sound coming from my bedroom below. I hear his sliding screen door open, a thump on the porch and a tapping sound. He can be heard getting up and going back inside when I go to another room. HE IS FOLLOWING ME.

No, I’m not paranoid. I have TWO visitors who witnessed the upstairs neighbor’s surveillance of me.

“I am being harassed by my neighbor. I think she has a listening device because where ever I go in my apartment, I can hear her going to the same room at the same time. This is almost constant. She does not work. She evens moves her furniture whenever I move mine,and to top it off she tries to follow me when I leave the apartment. What can I do legally? I am planning to move,but what can I do until then?” READ WORLD LAW DIRECT’S RESPONSES