Anti-Smoker Gets Nasty Response

When an anti-smoker posted a sign telling tenants to stop smoking in the building’s hallways, a response is given by one offended.

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“Yeah, all right. Guess what? You uptight whiney little punk. Instead of my cigarettes I’m going back (exclusively) to my old favorite — cigars. Just to piss you off! I suggest you either relax yourself and chill out or move back in with your parents (who are probably paying your rent anyway). Ya’ punk!”

2014 Dirty Dozen Report on Pesticides in Your Fruit and Vegetables

toxic-appleBeware of the apple, which tops this year’s Dirty Dozen list of poisoned fruit and vegetables on sale now at your local supermarket!

Population ControlThe annual whistle-blowing report comes from The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer watchdog organization that charges the gov’t’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has FAILED to tell Americans the extent of pesticide poisons in their foods — which they are required to do BY LAW (see here).

Toxic FoodEWG says one single grape contained as many as 15 pesticides, while single samples of celery, cherry tomatoes, imported snap peas and strawberries were found to have 13 different pesticides each.  See CBS news article with video on this disturbing news. Continue reading 2014 Dirty Dozen Report on Pesticides in Your Fruit and Vegetables

Crazy-Eyed Mugs of the Day: Mother Goddamn, There Sure Be Some Freaks Out There!

Mugshot of Arrested Fighter

Mugshots of the ages!  Looky at them cray-cray eyes of this CROOK who was involved in a rental fraud scheme in FLORIDA.

Hims got so mad at a building code inspector spoiling his scam he poured a bucket of his PISS all over the poor soul.

Craig Siegal Urine Thrower
[Insert slasher movie theme]
This whacko got nabbed for indecent exposure (i.e., showing people his nasty old dick). Imagine that sick fuck staring at you with thems cray-cray eyes while twirling his pecker! Enough to make you celibate, eh?

Indecent Exposure

Holy fuck, get a load of this waste of sperm.  Trick or treat! He got himself nabbed for trespassing! We can only hope the coppers buzz-cut that crazy hair and rubbed some VASELINE (no, not on his bum) on that weird eye make-up so as not to SCARE the other inmates.  Bad drugs, eh?


New “Godzilla” Branded “Pudgy and Cute” By Audiences

Japanese fans of their cult horror film monster, Godzilla are saying the creature has become fat with no neck in the new movie coming to theaters May 16.

Sign of the Times?
Obesity Crisis Hits Godzilla!

New Godzilla
New Godzilla needs to visit Jenny Craig ASAP

Trump Defends Sterling: “He Got Set Up Very, Very Bad”

thumbs_upTrump MediaDonald Trump says 81-year-old racist Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling was set up: “He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend. Let’s face it, that whole thing is shit. She’s called the girlfriend from hell,” Trump said.  Sterling refuses to sell his basketball team.

Go to Daily Mail for more on this story as Trump says the sensationalist media totally distorted his comments.

Regarding the alleged racist audio tapes the girlfriend recorded against Sterling’s knowledge, Trump said: “You look at the way he’s being baited, just constantly being baited,” he added. “I read part of a transcript and it was ridiculous.”

Filthy-RichNOT SO STERLING STERLING:   AT THE SAME TIME his foul audio tirades secretly recorded by his most recent girlfriend are making headlines, filthy rich immoral Sterling is in court with his wife (yeah he’s married along with his untrustworthy girlfriends) to sue his former girlfriend to get back gifts the billionaire gave her — whom he calls a “piece of trash” who charged him “$500 per trick” (to have sex with him).  This girlfriend was so filthy and crude he claims she put on very disgusting porn given to her by Mike Tyson and sucked the old man’s dick all night long and had an insatiable sexual appetite where they fucked “all over my building, in my bathroom, upstairs, in the corner, in the elevator.”

New! Phantasm: Ravager Official Trailer (HD)

Are you a fan of the creepy cult film Phantasm movies? Here is the fifth installment in the series.  Go to the official Phantasm website for news and info on all the other Phantasm movies (the first unforgettable movie is the one to see if you’ve never seen a Phantasm film). See Wiki on the Phantasm series.

World’s Biggest Cauliflower

Colossal Cauliflower

Grower Peter Glazebrook has won the record for the biggest and heaviest cauliflower vegetable. Glasebrook has also won NUMEROUS Guinness world records for biggest beet, cabbage, parsnip and the heaviest onion and potato, among other gigantic vegetables.