STUDY: Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

FriscoStudy out of San Francisco surveying 600 college students determines cat owners have different personalities than those who own dogs. Dog owners are extroverted — lively, go-lucky types, while cat owners are introverted — open-minded, but don’t tend to follow rules.

AND it was determined that cat owners have higher intelligence than dog owners.

Photographer Reveals What the Internet Really Looks Like

Gladys Kravitz Photographer photographs one of the giant data centers that powers the online world of the Internet.  Evil servers suspected to be be chock full of porn tick away as more filth and depravity is added by users every millisecond!


Loudmouth Chub Goes Batshit Crazy Over Being Filmed, SPITS ON WINDOW (VIDEO)

New York Sucks

I Hate New YorkAn angry woman in Staten Island, New York goes off on camera guy for recording her, making threats.   She tweaked camera guy’s interest because she had been yelling at everybody on the street for 10 minutes acting like a fucking nut.  Thanks to Sure News for the entertainment head’s up.  In case it disappears, use search keywords: “Staten Island loud-mouth girl didn’t like being recorded – Sand Lane” HA-HAH

“Stop recording me!  Do not record me, my nigga!”
She screamed and then spat on the window.

Camera guy wrote on YouTube:

“So this crazy chick was yelling at everybody for like ten minutes, and when she saw me recording her, she started yelling at me. And then her friend opened my passenger door and started yelling too. After leaving, she yelled at the two elderly men sitting in front of the house. Keep it classy, Staten Island.”

Our Sick World“Let’s face it. New York city is a disgusting place. It’s filthy, degenerate, perverse, and above all else — alien! If I had the power to nuke the place I wouldn’t hesitate for a second,” says the hate-filled RACIST announcer of this sick anti-NY white supremacist’s video below.


VIDEO: Crazy Bitch Banging Gas Pump!

The Filthiest Person Alive


Whack filmed stick the goddamned gas pump nozzle up her vile snatch… IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! [Facebook cellphone video]


Post by Handsum Capo.


Mosquito Tornado (PHOTOS)

More terrifying than Sharknado, a real-life swarm of mosquitoes descends upon the land to infect humans’ BLOOD with their vile poison!

“It was a very high funnel swinging to the left and to the right. I pointed my camera and began shooting before it hit me. But the funnel did not move toward me — and I thought it was so strange — so I got into my car and started to drive towards it, and that’s when I realized it was a mosquito twister.”

Mosquito Tornado

Waitress Tells Gay Couple: “We Don’t Serve Fags Here”

ScumbagOn their way out the door of Big Earls restaurant in Texas, a gay couple were told by the owner’s daughter: We don’t serve fags here. Here at Big Earls we like for men to act like men and for ladies to act like ladies, so we want you to never return.” [Source]  You might enjoy all the negative comments on Big Earls Yelp! page by people in other states who have never eaten there in response to this discrimination, especially the guy who posted picture of roaches on the floor at Big Earls., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

YAY! All the World’s Christians DISAPPEAR in the Sci-Fi Movie, “Left Behind”

Unaware that it was a rapture, “end of days” Christian-themed book (I was tricked), I read “Left Behind” years ago, thinking it was an interesting apocalyptic sci-fi adventure where “millions of people around the globe simply vanish. All that remains are their clothes and belongings. The unexplained vanishings cause unmanned vehicles to crash and burn. Emergency forces everywhere are devastated. Gridlock, riots and looting overrun the cities. And there is no one to help or provide answers. In an instant, the earth has been plunged into darkness.”

I thought the story was a pretty good yarn and it was a fun, enjoyable read. The book inspired a whole series of sequels. Then a low-budget movie came out starring Christian Kirk Cameron, and that ruined the whole thing for me.

So now the movie has been redone with Nicolas Cage as the star, running around throwing his arms up in the air shrieking at people that the rapture has begun and all the Christians have disappeared [to Heaven], leaving sinners on Earth… Hoping the movie won’t be a maudlin, preachy tale like its trashy low-budget predecessor. Comes to theaters Oct. 3.