EVIL Restaurant Gives Glutton Diners Huge Piles of Food Designed to KILL (SHOCKING PHOTOS)


SickPig-2A restaurant named Sizzle And Grill in Britain serves up 40 different mega-meals to customers and gives them a time limit on eating the huge piles of crap food.  You won’t believe the photo of a 96 oz. steak that takes up a huge plate or a GIANT bowl of ice cream — enough to feed 10 people — served to one person to finish up in a sitting.


Killing Food
TWO WHOLE CHICKENS! Eggs, sausages, several steaks and more… all given to ONE diner to chow down! This piggery is despicable in a world where millions starve!
NOT Photoshopped! Actual "Baby Burger" given to diner to wolf down.
NOT Photoshopped! Actual “Baby Burger” given to diner to wolf down.  Oh, you DIRTY, GREEDY GLUTTON!

Creepy People Family Portrait

Would you believe this bugeyed couple accepted this family portrait from the photographer, had it matted in an expensive frame and now display it proudly on their living room mantle?  See more family photo fails at AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

S-C-A-R-Y… Tweaking?

NASTY: YouTuber Tells Kiddies on YouTube You How to Eat Ass

Dunn’s fecal lips.

Pig-2This guy apparently LOVES EATING “girls with nasty, dirty asses” as he boasts in his video below and tells you step-by-step how to do the vile deed, most importantly suggesting you have a towel on hand to wipe the shit off your lips during the process (he simulates fecal matter on his lips in the video for clarity).

In a way this asshole redneck is right.
In a way this asshole redneck is right about the function of the anus when it pertains to STDs, but he’s promoting homophobia by wearing it — not health — the slob shitbag… as if any sane gay man would want to have sex with his greasy fat ass self or his burned out hippy friend next to him.

[Feces WorshipBIOHAZARDA dirty filthy thing putting your mouth on and tongue in someone’s shit hole (man or woman) where all the body’s stinking, germ-laden waste comes out.  Germs that even ANAL DOUCHING does NOT kill! 

“Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) can and do occur around the anus and inside the rectum, including intestinal parasites, gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, HPV, and hepatitis.”  Read article

germWhat the Internet porn promoters don’t tell you is you can contract HEPATITIS from rimming, and even contract HIV.

Don’t listen to these filthy fuckers! Your mouth is on the other end of your body for a biological reason, to keep away from the germy waste of your shitter!]

Ass Eaten Pleasure
Sex-crazed straight8 guy seduced & coerced into dirty act – & loves it.  Click his picture above to see just how much he loves it (NSFW, ADULT).

Never Say “Suck My Dick” to a Truck Driver

Thug crawls like a seal after telling trucker to suck his dick.
 Resist the urge to mouth off.

buenoWhen a NYC thug grabs his crotch and tells a burly Arizona trucker to “suck my dick, nigga,” numerous times, the loudmouth gets a painful response when he attacks the trucker… and winds up crawling like a seal in the end.

[YouTube removed the video as they always do to controversial stuff (but somebody put it back on there), but here’s a LiveLeak mirror. Found on Reddit.]


Foolish people release a baby bunny they rescued back into the wild thinking it was the humane thing to do…. WRONG.

The family comments on this to the people on the TV show, Right This Minute.

Filthy Degenerate Photographed on NY Subway

RantLook at this piece of human swill with his pants down in front of passengers on a New York subway car — and he has the audacity to wear women’s nylons, too! Man, that city is a cesspool of human waste.  Just look at this archive of SUBWAY PERVERTS from NY’s Gothamist blog — and look at the worst subway commuters exposed by bloggers.  A recent story about a woman saying some guy jerked off to her on a subway and the NYPD did nothing.  Many more photos of these rude, profanity shrieking freaks on GOING WITH EDDIE and SUBWAY COUTURE , one blogger records PEOPLE EATING ON SUBWAYS on a website called TrainPigs.com, which apparently offends a great deal of people.


Subway Exposure

You can’t walk the streets safe in the “big apple” (as some sickening sentimentalists call it), nor can you ride the train without a nut spoiling your day. I will never understand why people want to live there and pay such high rents to be offended like this and live in fear of being mugged or robbed. The place stinks, too. OK so there’s jobs there. But is a job worth it to live in such constant irritation? Is it worth it to pay $2,000+ for a rat trap studio apartment? You can’t even have a car there without getting stuck to garage it! WTF, people? Wise up and get to Hell out of there!