VIDEO: Chicago Woman Shouts N-Word at Black Mom — Then Lectures Her About the Constitution

“Nigger!” Massion spits at the camera as the video begins. “Oh, of course you haven’t graduated and you don’t know the Constitution of the United States and what it says,” said Massion. “It’s called free speech in America. Right to free speech! Look it up!”

Honkey racist Angelle Marie Massion goes batshit crazy on black woman.
“White Privilege” racist honkey Angelle Marie Massion goes batshit crazy on black woman over being splashed by black kids at beach, feeling entitled to call the mother the n-word because the Constitution says free speech.

Crazy-People2When black children accidentally splashed white woman Angelle Marie Massion (pictured above) who was sitting at the edge of the water at the beach in Chicago, Massion flew into an angry, racist rant. Raquel Bolton posted video of the encounter to her Facebook page, writing, “Wow the hate is real!”  Internet sleuths have identified the woman as Chicago-area standup comic and sports blogger Angelle Marie “Puff” Massion.